Trish Surfus Smith

If Tri Kappa’s Alpha chapter had a head cheerleader, her name would be Trish Surfus Smith. Trish loves all things Tri Kappa, but she truly loves the camaraderie the local sorority gives its members.

“Tri Kappa is about having fun for a good cause and it doesn’t get better than that!”

“My favorite thing about Tri Kappa is that I get to meet women and become friends with people whose paths would never cross mine,” Trish says. “We all bring different things to the table. But we have a common goal of being in Tri Kappa and doing these great things together.”

Born in Sheboygan, Wis., Trish was graduated from Avon High School in Indianapolis before making the trip down to Bloomington for college.

“And I never left,” she laughs.

Trish has done two stints at Indiana University, with a few years of personal training in between. Presently, she is the brand consultant for regional campuses at IU - traveling the state to help marketers in their efforts of recruiting and retention.

“All of my professional jobs have been helping other people achieve their goals,” Trish says. “I create community for people, and that’s why I really like Tri Kappa.”

As president during the 2019-21 term, Trish gets to use her people skills to steer the Tri Kappa ship. Her favorite part of the year is when the scholarships and grants are awarded each spring.

“I love the day I get to write the ‘big checks,’” Trish laughs. “After that meeting, I always know I’m going to get a text from Beverly (Martinez) that says, ‘I love being a Tri Kappa,’

“Our group is so good at bringing people together in friendship and helping the community.”

Trish has even gotten her husband, Adam, involved in Tri Kappa. He helps behind the bar at Blingo in the spring, along with several other spouses.

All in all, Tri Kappa has been a great fit for Trish, and she is so thanksful that Mary Jane Hall invited her to join back in 2014.


   More About Trish:

  • Google docs guru

  • Book club founder

  • Temple junkie

  • Eyelash addict

  • Cat momma

  • Community advocate

  • IU fan