Stacy Bruce

Tri Kappa sister Stacy Bruce may look girly with her beautiful red hair and sweet smile. But don’t let that fool you — this gal can drive a semi.

“I have a class A CDL, and at one point, I was training Pepsi route drivers how to run a Pepsi route and drive a Pepsi semi,” Stacy says. “I had over 90 men working for me in Indianapolis!”

Stacy’s buddy Andrea Cockerham asked her join Tri Kappa, and the sisterhood has made them even closer.

“Andrea told me that if I wanted to join Tri Kappa, she promised I would enjoy it,” Stacy says. “She said it’s not just work, it’s fun. And Tri Kappa has made our friendship so much stronger.”

In fact, Stacy returned the favor by sponsoring Andrea when she became an alumna initiate of Stacy’s college sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. Stacy works with Gamma Phi’s chapter here at Indiana University, which is something Andrea hopes to start doing in the future.

Stacy, an Edgewood High School graduate, likes to keep busy. In fact, she has three part-time jobs: she is director of the Monroe County Apartment Association; she does social media for Andrea out at Terry’s Catering; and she is a substitute teacher at Arlington Elementary School, which her daughter, Mira, attends.

In her spare time, she serves as an ambassador for the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce and volunteers for the Boys and Girls Club Auxiliary.

She doesn’t seem to mind all her commitments.

“Tri Kappa work is fun,” Stacy says. “I like the social events, I like making cheeseballs. I’m an older mom, and 90 percent of my friends are grandparents now. It’s nice to meet new people.”

Stacy attended Indiana State University, where she studied pre-law. She knew her future husband, Michael, in high school, but they didn’t date until after college.

If Stacy had to pick a favorite Alpha chapter activity, she says it would be the Dirty Santa gift exchange. She adds, however, that she just loves everything about the sorority. And she isn’t worried about the ever-increasing size of the chapter.

“I support everything Tri Kappa is doing right now,” Stacy says. “We are handling our growing pains so gracefully.”


   More About Stacy:

  • Has a fraternal twin sister

  • Loves Cohen brothers films

  • Got married on St. Thomas

  • Listens to blues and jazz

  • Her brother is her best friend (and neighbor!)