Peggy Woodcock

“I was recruited by a person who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer!” Peggy Woodcock laughs when remembering why she decided to join Tri Kappa. “Nancy (Gettinger) has proven to me that she’s a great sister – AND a good recruiter!”

For many years, Peggy was busy raising three children as a single mom. She’s had many careers: selling lingerie; working in the Indiana Statehouse; helping run the Indiana University School of Fine Arts; teaching special-needs children.

“I had very demanding jobs,” Peggy says. “I didn’t have time for friendships or casual acquaintances.

“Tri Kappa has opened a door to so many people. I always learn something new about someone at every meeting!”

Peggy, a graduate of South Bend Central High School, traveled down to Bloomington for college. After one undergraduate and two master’s degrees, she’s still here.

She met her husband, John, through a psychologist friend who suggested she contact him about a new job opening on the IU campus. They finished raising their children together – six in total – and now have 12 grandchildren.

After such a busy life, Peggy treasures getting to know her Tri Kappa sisters in such a personal way.

“I think that knowing you may be sitting with someone brand-new at a meeting is wonderful,” Peggy says.

While she enjoys all aspects of the Alpha chapter, Peggy admits that the annual “Dirty Santa” sisterhood social is her favorite activity.

“Dirty Santa is one of the most outrageous things I have ever done!” Peggy laughs.


   More About Peggy:

  • Has done her own legal work

  • Says she can be tough when necessary

  • Joined Alpha Omicron Pi in college

  • Studied art in Florence, Italy, as a single mom (She took her kids with her!)

  • A dinosaur “gastrolith” is one of her most-treasured items. Now she wants to go to the Gobi Desert!