Linda McClary

Even though Nancy Gettinger persuaded Linda McClary to join the Tri Kappa sisterhood, Linda will be the first to point out that sister Gina Myers steered her toward an even more important liaison way back in high school.

Gina fixed Linda up with her future husband, Charlie, whom Linda had first met they were both 5 years old.

“We had a car accident on our first date,” Linda remembers. “I had two black eyes! Charlie got grounded after our date because he stayed at our house talking to my parents (past his curfew)!”

Back when they were kindergarteners, Linda remembers seeing Charlie crying at a summer camp. Today, they have two grown sons, Charlie and Scott, as well as a daughter-in-law.

Although she was born in Pittsburgh, Linda moved to Bloomington when she was 2. After their graduation from South in 1981, Linda and Charlie moved on to Indiana University, where Linda was a member of Pi Beta Phi. They were engaged in college and married in September 1985.

Although Linda studied business management at IU, she has always worked in the travel industry. Today, she and fellow Tri Kappa Chelsea Jones both work at Travel Leaders.

“If I wasn’t in Tri Kappa, I wouldn’t have Chelsea working with me,” Linda says.

“I love Tri Kappa. It has brought so much to my life. When we do our Small Sacrifice each month, it’s nice to learn about all these different needs Bloomington has.”

Along that same line of thought, Linda says she really enjoys the Blingo fundraiser because community members get to see what Tri Kappa is all about.

“It’s such a nice group of gals,” Linda says. “It’s really nice that we have people at different points in their lives, but everyone can relate to each other, which is wonderful.

“It’s great getting to meet all these new people and making new friends.”


   More About Linda:

  • Knew Mr. Rogers personally

  • Has had three ACL surgeries

  • Is a member of the Pi Phi alumnae council

  • Loves vacationing with her family

  • Likes to bike and hike