Julie Abrams

Julie Abrams treasures the friendships she has made over the years in the Alpha chapter of Tri Kappa.

“I am somewhat on the shy side,” Julie says, “and (sponsor) Beth Woodward thought Tri Kappa would be a good fit for me. I was trying to branch out. Tri Kappa gave me something to put my free time into and make friends at the same time.”

The Key member is a lifelong resident of Bloomington. The North graduate met her husband, Scott, when they were freshmen in high school. They didn’t date, however, until Julie was a freshman at Indiana State University. She was graduated from ISU in 1994 with a major in criminology. She and Scott have one daughter, Heather, an avid gymnast.

An employee of the Indiana University Arts and Science Department, Julie is glad she opted to join the Alpha chapter.

“Tri Kappa means being part of something more than PTO or something to do with my job,” Julie says. “And it has more meaning to me because I’m raising money for good causes.”

A Zeta Tau Alpha during her years at ISU, Julie says Tri Kappa gives her the sisterhood feeling she felt while in her college sorority.

“I love putting the time into the fundraising we do,” Julie says, “because I’m spending time with my sisters.”

Julie admits she likes participating in all Tri Kappa’s activities, but the “Dirty Santa” gift exchange is her personal favorite.

“I like ‘Dirty Santa’ because nobody takes it personally!” Julie laughs. “We have a good time, a good laugh, and it’s just, I don’t know, in some ways, it’s kind of relaxing!”


   More About Julie:

  • Served as corresponding secretary for the Alpha chapter

  • Wants to do an overnight in a haunted house

  • Is a professional drag-racing fan

  • Reads true-crime books

  • Published a couple of poems while in high school