Jenny Tracy

Jenny Tracy enjoys her time in Tri Kappa, but her real volunteering passion lies with Veterans’ organizations. However, her work with the state American Legion Auxiliary ended up prompting her to join the Alpha chapter.

“Stephanie Oyler was a state leader in Tri Kappa, and that related to me because I do a lot with the American Legion Auxiliary on the state level,” Jenny says.

Stephanie had talked to Jenny about Tri Kappa for six years. When she finally added a tidbit of information about one of the founding Tri Kappas who was involved in the American Legion Auxiliary, Jenny finally took the bait.

“I had always told her I would join (Tri Kappa) eventually,” Jenny laughs. “Now I tease her because she needs to join the American Legion Auxiliary.”

Jenny, the daughter of a Retired U.S. Air Force General and wife of a Retired Indiana Army National Guard Veteran, was able to merge her new sorority with her love of the Armed Services almost immediately.

“Beth Hughes brought in an American Legion newsletter,” Jenny says. “Her husband is a Veteran. She said we should support ‘The Stand Down’ through our Small Sacrifice Committee. It was immediately a connection for me.

“We got 500 bus passes for homeless veterans. It was awesome.”

Jenny, a Bloomington High School North graduate, attended college at Arizona State, where she majored in communication and joined the Chi Omega sorority. She came back to Bloomington, and married Matt, her high-school sweetheart. They have one son, Bolton. She has worked at Cornerstone Information Systems for almost 20 years.

Other than the American Legion Auxiliary, Jenny is involved in several other Veterans’ organizations. She is a member of the South-Central Kiwanis and St. Charles Catholic Church. She recently joined the Ellettsville Eastern Star to honor her late grandmother.

She enjoys the social aspect of Tri Kappa.

“It’s nice to go to a group that’s a little more fun and funky,” she says. “Most of the organizations I join struggle in leadership, organization and recruitment. This group blows that out of the park! That’s refreshing for me!”


   More About Jenny:

  • Award-winning baton twirler

  • Cheeseball Committee “Rookie of the Year” for 2018

  • Favorite color: orange

  • Made the Phoenix Cardinal Cheerleader squad

  • Finds having “two first names” frustrating!