Jaimie Schwartzman

Purpose. Friendship. Support. These are the reasons Jaimie Schwartzman likes Tri Kappa.

“I love that we’re not just getting together to hang out, but there is a purpose to everything we’re doing,” Jaimie says. “It’s for the greater good of our community. Plus, we have so much we can give to each other and learn from each other.”

The BuffaLouie’s owner says she was going in blind when she decided to join Tri Kappa in 2014.

“In truth, I didn’t know what I was joining,” Jaimie laughs. “Susan (Rudd) told me, ‘There’s a really great meeting with a lot of great people that I think you’ll enjoy.’ ”

A Minneapolis native, Jaimie attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn., majoring in health education/physical education with a coaching minor. Her journey to Bloomington started when she decided to follow a friend to the university town. While substitute teaching, she worked nights and weekends at BuffaLouie’s to make ends meet. She “accidentally” started managing the restaurant; met her future husband, who also worked in the food industry; and next thing she knew, she was a married woman and co-owner of Bloomington’s famous wings joint.

She and husband Ed have two children, Avery and Elliot. Jaimie also has a stepdaughter, Hayley, who lives in Portland.

The fact that the local Tri Kappa chapter has members from all walks of life appeals to Jaimie, who is busy hauling her kids to after-school activities and serving on the Boys and Girls Club Auxiliary Board when she’s not working at her restaurant.

“Tri Kappa is not all people my age with kids,” Jaimie says. “The members are so ready and willing to share, to give me perspective on life, to keep me on track.”

Jaimie, who has served as Cheeseball Committee chairperson the last few years, is an avid fan of the Alpha chapter’s yearly “Dirty Santa” sisterhood event.

“You get a little bit (of a different perspective) on everyone’s personality,” she laughs.


   More About Jaimie:

  • Doesn’t like barbecued wings

  • Loves TV’s “Nailed It”

  • Is an adult initiate of Delta Zeta

  • Spends every Christmas in Florida

  • Feels she was given a second chance at life after her son’s difficult birth