Holly Harvey

Holly Harvey didn’t wait demurely to be asked to join Tri Kappa. She just cornered her friend Cindy Dolson and inquired about how to become a member.

“I committed the faux pas of not being invited!” Holly laughs.

Tri Kappa has its very own elected official in Holly, as she is serving her first term as judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court VI.

A Kokomo native, Holly came to Indiana University to study criminal justice and psychology, stayed for law school and then hung around to raise a family – sons Jackson, George and Walter – with her husband, Matt. She spent 19 years in family law and civil litigation before taking the bench.

Tri Kappa is something Holly does for herself. She loves sharing tasty meals with like-minded women. Plus, she doesn’t have to spend the evening on a bleacher cheering her boys on during a swim meet or baseball game.

“The thing I like about Tri Kappa is being around such positive, capable, dedicated, awesome people,” Holly says.

While Holly says she loves making cheeseballs, it’s something little Tri Kappa does every year during a Sisterhood Social that has a special place in her heart.

“I really love making dinner at the Boys and Girls Club,” Holly says. “It’s such a neat thing to do.

“I like that we find groups that are off-the-beaten-path. They might not have great visibility, but they are still in need.”

Holly is a member of St. Paul’s Catholic Church and is involved with the state bar association. She is also a big fan of the Cream and Crimson.

“At one time, all of us in my immediate family were at IU,” Holly says. “My dad was getting his paralegal certificate; my brother and I were both undergrads; my sister, Heather, was in medical school; and my mom went back to get her BSN.”


   More About Holly:

  • Refinishes furniture

  • Loves to make homemade pizza

  • Has argued in front of the Indiana Court of Appeals

  • Knits small items so she can enjoy instant gratification

  • Ideal vacation: hiking in the Rockies with her husband