Gina Myers

Alpha Plus member Gina Myers has made caring for her family a priority throughout her life.

The licensed practical nurse grew up in a family of five girls. Gina was 14 years old when her sister, Amy, was born.

“She was my baby,” Gina says.

Following college at Indiana University and Ivy Tech, Gina met her husband, Bruce. They raised their three children – Brianna, Brett and Brady – in Bloomington. She cared for her parents as they grew older, then helped her sister, Amy (a fellow Tri Kappa) battle sarcoma before succumbing to the disease in 2018. Now she helps her brother-in-law when he needs her, shuttling her niece and nephew to after-school activities.

“I loved every minute of sharing Tri Kappa with Amy,” Gina says. “I’m glad she was able to be in it, too.”

Gina recently decided to change career paths and studied for her real-estate license.

“I like flipping houses with my son, Brady,” Gina says. “I’m on referral status with (real-estate firm) FC Tucker.”

A Tri Kappa since 2000, Gina joined the local philanthropic sorority because she wanted to give back to her hometown. Her sponsor was Nancy Parmenter.

“I wanted to be involved with a group of women and be a part of the community,” Gina says. “I like the diversity in our chapter. The friendships that I’ve made are so important to me.”

Her bestie from high school, Linda McClary, joined the Alpha chapter in 2014, which makes meetings even more fun for Gina.

Gina has served on the auxiliary and board of the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington. She also has coached cheerleading. Nowadays, she is active in 100 Women Who Care and is a member of Sherwood Oaks Christian Church.

Although Gina says she loves participating in each of Tri Kappa’s fundraisers, she definitely knows what she likes to do best.

“My favorite activity now, of course, is Blingo ,” Gina laughs. “It’s fun getting the community involved in our fundraising!”


   More About Gina:

  • Bloomington South cheerleader

  • Loves turning up funky music and dancing

  • Is an avid boater and beach-goer

  • Has to have a clean and orderly home

  • Her guilty pleasure? Shopping!