Amanda Burnham

“I never liked working with women,” laughs Tri Kappa President Amanda Burnham. “I just didn’t. Tri Kappa changed my mind about that, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

“My sisters have helped me grow to become a better woman.”

An active member since 2004 when Shelly Bruce invited her to join the Alpha chapter, Amanda, who now works alongside her husband, John, at Burnham Rentals, had a number of jobs at Indiana University and IU Health over the years. However, when the IU Proton Therapy Center closed down in 2014, Amanda took advantage of the closing of one door in her life to open another.

“After the Proton Center closed, I said, ‘I’m done. I’m retired,’ ” Amanda says.

“Quite frankly, I didn't want to start over again in a new job. The timing worked out well, though, with John’s dad and business partner retiring.”

With her daughters, Alexandria and Meredith (both Tri Kappas), grown and off to college, and her move into the family business, Amanda had more time for philanthropic work — which worked out well for Tri Kappa.

After serving as vice president under Megan Parmenter, it was natural for Amanda to move into the president’s position. While brain-storming ways to take fundraising to the next level, Amanda hit upon Blingo.

“It’s been so nice to start something from scratch and see it be so successful,” Amanda says. “We kind of took a leap of faith with it. We told people to just trust us … and I was really happy that it was a win!”

The Hammond Bishop Noll High School graduate grew up in Whiting and was a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma while at IU. Not surprisingly, she served her college sorority as social chairman.

And it’s the friendship aspect of Tri Kappa that has kept Amanda active these past years.

“I really love the friendships that I’ve developed through Tri Kappa,” Amanda says. “I am so excited about the group of women we have. I feel like I am always learning something about the women, even though I have known some of them forever.

“And I love meeting new people each year.”


   More About Amanda:

  • Philanthropist

  • Obsessive organizer

  • Netflix binger

  • Poker player

  • Recipe tester