Tara Babcock

Believe it or not, Mark Cuban is the reason Tara Babcock is a member of the Alpha chapter.

The entrepreneur worked for Tara’s dad at the Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh following his graduation from Indiana University.

“My dad was so impressed with him,” Tara says. “Because Mark had come to IU, my dad brought me to visit campus. About 10 kids came up to me and told me I should go to IU.”

That sealed the deal. She loved Bloomington so much, she and her husband, Bob, eventually found their way back here.

Although both were Indiana University graduates, Tara and Bob met in Chicago, where they were working for the Santa Fe Railway. They moved a total of 11 times during the first 17 years of their marriage but finally landed back in Bloomington in 2006. Her kids Shelby (also a Tri Kappa) and Jake finished school here.

Cindy DiPrimio and Toni Moseman asked Tara to join Tri Kappa in 2009. She has served as treasurer during her tenure and was instrumental in the implementation of the Kindness Box and the Associates’ Tea.

“I do like the Kindness Box,” Tara says. “I like giving little ‘snaps’ to people. It’s the little ‘thank-yous’ that people aren’t expecting that mean so much.”

Being a member of the Grants Committee means a lot to Tara also.

“I like how we’re doing the grants now — not 50 bucks here and 100 bucks there,” Tara says. “I like that we know the impact our money is making.”

Now a Key member, Tara enjoys the social aspect of Tri Kappa.

“I have met some really great people — people I might not have met any other way.

“I like the diversity.”


   More About Tara:

  • Tennis player

  • Quilter

  • Alpha Delta Pi advisor

  • Has a hard time saying “no”

  • Joined the Boys and Girls Club Auxiliary at the same time as Tri Kappa