Morgan Hubbard

A little nudge from her mom, a Tri Kappa in Seymour, was all the inspiration Morgan Hubbard needed to seek out the Alpha chapter and affiliate.

“You should see about joining the Tri Kappa chapter in Bloomington,” her mom told her when she decided to stay and work in B-town after her graduation from Indiana University.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea,’” Morgan remembers.

Although Morgan is starting her second year with the local group, she will be transferring once again to the Columbus chapter after her June 8 marriage to her fiancé, Chad Braun. He is an engineer with Cummins.

Hubbard, who was a speech and hearing major at IU, hopes that she will be able to transfer within the Kroger Co. to a job in Columbus, also.

“I really like giving back to the community,” Morgan says about her time in Tri Kappa.

She enjoys helping with the Cheeseball and Blingo projects.

morgan hubbard.JPG

   More about Morgan

  • Fraternal twin

  • Grey’s Anatomy fan

  • Has run four half marathons

  • Diet Coke addict

  • Likes to try Pinterest recipes