Bloomington, Indiana

The State Bylaws and Policies of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc. shall be the basis of organization for this chapter, to which shall be added the following Bylaws.

      I.         The name of this organization shall be Alpha Chapter of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., established on April 8, 1901.

     II.         Mission

A.       The mission of this organization shall be to bring women into close, unselfish relationship for the promotion of charity.

    III.         Meetings

A.     Ten (10) regular business meetings shall be held each fiscal year. These meetings, unless otherwise directed by the Executive Board, shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month.

B.     Meeting locations and times shall be determined by the Program Committee.

C.    Special meetings may be called by the Executive Board.

D.    In order to conduct business, a quorum shall consist of all the members present at any regularly scheduled business meeting.

E.     The September meeting shall be designated as the Annual Corporate Meeting.

   IV.         Officers

A.     The Nominating Committee shall select and recommend candidates for the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. All officers shall be elected the year of State Convention to serve a term of two (2) years.

B.     The Nominating Committee, in consultation with the Executive Board may make recommendations and nominations for additional officer or assistant positions if deemed necessary.

C.    An Active Chapter member for at least one (1) year may be elected to any office except for President. Presidential nominees must have been active in the chapter for the previous three (3) years and shall have previously served in a chapter office.

D.    The names of the nominees shall be read at two (2) consecutive meetings between February and April.

E.     Officers shall be individually voted upon at the April meeting. Officers should be installed no later than June 30 in odd-numbered years.

F.     Officers shall perform the duties listed in these Bylaws in addition to all duties as defined by State Bylaws.

                            1.     President

a.     Shall appoint all Service Committees.

b.     Shall be the Chair of Initiation in collaboration with the Membership Committee

c.     Shall see that obligations of the chapter Bylaws and policies are carried out.

d.     Shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

                            2.     Vice President

a.     Shall be the Chair of Pledging in collaboration with the Membership Committee.

b.     Shall be the Chair of the Communications/Public Relations Committee.

c.     Shall be nominated for the office of President to serve in the term following her term as Vice President.

                            3.     Treasurer

a.     Shall have checks for disbursement of chapter funds signed by the President and Treasurer. The Vice President may sign if the President is unavailable and the Recording Secretary may sign if the Treasurer is unavailable.

b.     Shall make entries on official ledger sheets.

c.     Shall have the books reviewed annually and before turning them over to a new Treasurer.

                            4.     Recording Secretary

a.     Shall be responsible for monthly meeting summaries.

b.     Shall keep accurate index card file.

                            5.     Corresponding Secretary

IV.   Executive Board

A.     Voting members on the Executive Board shall be composed of the following: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Advisory Council (immediate three past Presidents), and up to four (4) members at-large to be appointed by the President.

B.     The Executive Board shall discuss the business of the chapter and shall make recommendations on the actions it deems advisable.

C.    Should an emergency arise between regularly scheduled business meetings, the Executive Board has the authority to act in the best interest of the chapter as a whole.

V.     Membership

A.     Active Members

1.     Active members shall attend at least five (5) out of ten (10) business meetings per year to remain in good standing. Missing more than five (5) meetings per year will result in automatic consideration for Inactive Status at fiscal year end, unless excused by the Executive Board. A letter must be written by the member to the Executive Board to be considered for reactivation of membership.

2.     To be credited for attending a meeting, a member must attend a minimum of 51% of the meeting. If arriving late to a meeting, each member is responsible for checking in with the Recording Secretary.

3.     Active members are required to attend the following mandatory meetings:  September Annual Business Meeting, Pledging, Initiation, and biennial Chapter Review. If an Active member cannot attend a mandatory meeting, an excuse must be submitted in any format to an officer prior to the meeting. Failure to submit an excuse will result in a fine.

4.     All Active members are required to serve on at least one Special Project/ Fundraiser, Service, and Social Committee per year as listed in the Program Book. Not fulfilling these requirements will result in consideration for Inactive Status at fiscal year end, unless excused by the Executive Board. A letter must be written by the member to the Executive Board to be considered for reactivation of membership.

B.     Legacy/College Members

1.     Legacy/College members are daughters or granddaughters of current or past Active, Key, or Associate Chapter members who are in good standing. Legacy/Collegiate members have completed high school and plan to attend college.

2.     Names of Legacy/College members shall be presented by the Membership Committee (see procedures outlined in Article V, Sections E, F, and G).

3.     An Inactive member or Associate Chapter member who wishes to submit her daughter’s or granddaughter’s name as a Legacy/College member must have previously completed five (5) years of active membership in good standing.

C.    Key Members

1.     A Key member has served a minimum of ten (10) full years as an Active member of Tri Kappa.

2.     Key members are required to participate in at least one fundraising activity in the fiscal year.

3.     Key members are required to attend Pledging, Initiation, and biennial Chapter Review. If a Key member cannot attend the mandatory meetings, an excuse must be submitted to the President and Recording Secretary prior to the meeting. Failure to submit an excuse will result in a fine.

D.    Inactive Members

1.     An Active or Key member may request to become Inactive upon submission of a written request by the June Board Meeting and voted upon favorably by a majority of the members present at the June Business Meeting; and upon completion of all chapter obligations and payment of all fines and fundraising minimum requirements.

2.     Inactive Status will only be granted after the June Board Meeting if the member has fulfilled the obligations stated above. Special cases will be evaluated by the Executive Board.

3.     An Inactive member may request to reactivate membership by informing the President of the chapter in writing of her intentions. The chapter will vote on the reinstatement of any Inactive members at the next Business Meeting.

4.     Inactive members who reactivate during a fiscal year are responsible for payment of dues, committee obligations, and participation in remaining fundraisers. 

E.     Selection of Prospective Active Members

1.     An Active member in good standing may sponsor one person for membership in a fiscal year.

2.     If a member in good standing is not actively sponsoring a person for membership, she may be asked co-sign for one prospective member in a fiscal year.

3.     A sponsor shall complete the Membership Nomination Form (VP-6) and return it to the Membership Chair.

4.     A prospective member shall be a resident of the Bloomington area.

5.     Sponsors of prospective members commit to the following obligations.

a.     The Sponsor (or a co-signatory willing to assume the duties of the Sponsor) shall remain an Active or Key member of the chapter for at least one year following the Initiation of her candidate.

b.     The sponsor will attend the Information Meeting, Pledging and Initiation with the prospective member.

c.     During the first year of the prospective member’s membership, the sponsor is responsible for the Initiation fee and dues if the prospective member fails to pay by the designated time.

d.     The sponsor shall be responsible in the prospective member’s first year of membership for ensuring that she is attending meetings, fulfilling service and social obligations, and participating to her fullest abilities.

F.     Presentation of Prospective Members to the Chapter

1.     The completed Membership Nomination Form for each prospective member shall be presented to the chapter members twice prior to voting.

G.    Voting                           

1.     Voting shall take place following the second reading of the prospective members’ names to the chapter.

2.     Voting shall be by secret ballot.

3.     Names shall be placed on the ballot in alphabetical order according to the last name of the prospective members.

4.     Voting shall take place during the meeting at the discretion of the President, but after roll call and before closing verse.

5.     The ballot box shall be sealed, and counting shall take place after the last ballot is cast.

6.     Each member shall vote “Kappa” or “Tri” for each prospective member. An abstaining vote will be counted as neither “Kappa” nor “Tri” but will result in a new three-quarters majority.

VI.   Finance

A.     Dues

1.     Active and Key members shall pay chapter dues of $40 ($21 State per capita and $19 local chapter per capita assessments). Dues are payable by July 1 each year and are considered delinquent if not paid in full. A $5 fine will be assessed for dues paid after July 1. Non-payment of dues by the September meeting will result in moving the member to Inactive Status.

2.     Legacy/College members shall pay dues no later than Initiation. The State per capita fees of $8 per year for four (4) years ($32 total) shall be paid to cover entire collegiate membership. In addition, a required Initiation Fee of $15 shall be paid, making the total $47 at the time of Initiation.

3.     For new Active members, dues of $40 ($21 State per capita and $19 local chapter per capita assessments) are payable by Initiation. In addition, a required Initiation Fee of $15 shall be paid, making the total $55 at the time of Initiation.

B.     Fines

1.     A $5 fine shall be charged for an unexcused absence from the following mandatory meetings: Pledging, Initiation, Chapter Review, or the Annual Corporate Meeting (Active members only). Excuses for absences from each of these meetings must be sent to the chapter President or her designee, who will then act upon each request accordingly.

2.     Fines will be assessed if mandatory obligations for fundraisers are not met. Mandatory obligations and determined fines shall be approved by the Executive Board and collected by the Treasurer.

 C.    Voluntary Contributions

1.     Voluntary contributions will be accepted to help promote the work of the chapter.

2.     If requested, a receipt for tax purposes can be generated by the Treasurer.

VII.    Service, Fundraising, and Social Committees

A.     Service and Fundraising Committees are determined annually by the Executive Board in collaboration with the Program Committee.

B.     Active members are required to participate in at least one (1) of each committee type each fiscal year.

C.    A Chair/Co-chair is/are selected annually for each Committee and is/are responsible for organizing the committee and fulfilling the duties as outlined in the annual Program Book.

D.    A member of each Fundraising Committee will be assigned to conduct the Ways & Means Survey for the respective activity. A report will need to be given during one of the business meetings and a written report must be submitted to the President.

E.     Chairs of Service and Fundraising Committees are responsible for training and turning over all documentation to successor Chairs.

F.     Committees may be added at any time at the recommendation of the Executive Board to help meet chapter needs.

VII.      Privacy Act

A.     Information on members collected by Tri Kappa Alpha Chapter shall only be for the use of Tri Kappa and not distributed in any part to any other entities.

VIII.     Dissolution of Funds

A.     In the event of the dissolution of said Corporation in the Bylaws, all liabilities and obligations shall be paid and the remaining assets shall be liquidated and distributed to one or more Indiana organizations that are tax exempt in accordance with current Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. No funds shall inure the benefit of individual members.

IX.   Parliamentary Authority

A.     The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this chapter of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., in all cases to which they are applicable and by which they are consistent with the State Bylaws of this society.

X.      Method of Amending Bylaws

A.     These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Active and chapter membership present and voting after said membership has twice heard proposed amendments read during regularly scheduled meetings.

B.     Amendments sanctioned by the chapter membership are subject to the approval of the State Parliamentarian.


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