Beth Hughes

Beth Hughes, Tri Kappa’s very own professional musician, sings at our initiation ceremonies and graces sisters with her very own beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

And she’s not the only musical talent in her family. Beth and her husband, Mike, both sang with the Madri Gals & Guys at Terre Haute Wiley High School. They attended their senior prom together and were married a year and a half later. Their sons, Bryan, Aaron and Kevin, have won international barbershop quartet competitions. Beth and Mike can be booked for professional gigs — weddings, receptions and the like. They sing regularly at area nursing homes.

After raising their family in Sullivan and Terre Haute, Mike and Beth retired to Bloomington, where they built their home in the woods themselves. They now have a house, cabin and pole barn in southern Monroe County.

Along the way, Nancy Gettinger suggested to Beth that she should transfer her Tri Kappa membership from the Sullivan chapter to the Alpha sisterhood. Beth’s glad she took her advice.

“That was a Godsend,” Beth says. “There were a few years where I didn’t feel like I knew many people. Tri Kappa was important to me for social purposes.”

Now that Beth has found a group of friends, she enjoys both the social aspects of the sorority and the purpose. She likes the fundraising projects and the fact that Tri Kappa gives so much back to the community.

“As long as I’m active, I’m going to be a part of that!” Beth says.

Her favorite Tri Kappa activity — the Dirty Santa gift exchange — fits right in with her favorite season.

“It’s my time of the year,” Beth says. “It’s Christmas, my birthday (Dec. 25) and my anniversary (Dec. 29).”


   More About Beth:

  • Hosted a television talk show in Terre Haute

  • Has performed in many plays

  • Volunteers for the Buskirk-Chumley

  • Loves to sail

  • Motto: Don’t judge a book by its cover